Swiss Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy

The Swiss Society of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT-CH) is an association within the meaning of art. 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. EFT-CH was founded in Bern, on April, 25th, 2015. The purpose of EFT-CH is to promote activities aimed at enhancing the clinical and theoretical aspects of the psychotherapeutic approaches focused on emotions (namely Emotion-Focused Therapy, EFT).
As such, EFT-CH encourages the meeting of people involved in professional activities related to research and/or clinical practice of EFT and supports training and research activities. EFT-CH provides and promotes theoretical training and practice and organizes and coordinates workshops, symposia, conferences on a local, national and international level. Finally, it encourages the publication of research and clinical cases and promotes contact and collaborations by encouraging participation in activities and initiatives aimed at the further understanding of emotion-focused practice in psychotherapy. It disseminates the knowledge related to emotion-focused approaches. EFT-CH operates within Switzerland, and in cooperation with its international Partners.


The board is currently, in June 2017, composed by 6 members, elected until 2018.
PD Dr. Ueli Kramer, PhD                 President
Dr. Marielle Sutter, PhD                 Finances
Dr. Catalina Woldarsky, PhD         Member
Lic. phil. Tobias Steiger                   Member
Dr. Emma Schmied PhD                 Member
MPs Lorena Gamboa                       Member

PD Dr. Ueli Kramer, PhD

Dr. Ueli Kramer is Privat-Docent at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Adjunct Professor at the University of Windsor (Canada), and invited researcher at the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School (USA). He received his Master in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience in 2003 at the University of Geneva, obtained his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2008 at the University of Fribourg and his habilitation in 2014 at the University of Lausanne. In addition to being a researcher, he is a licensed psychotherapist FSP (since 2007), clinical supervisor (since 2012) and isEFT supervisor (since 2016). Dr. Kramer’s research focuses on process and outcome in psychotherapy and was recognized by several awards. He first-authored the first book on EFT in French and is currently president of EFT-CH.


Dr. phil Emma Schmied

Dr. phil Emma Schmied is a licensed psychotherapist FSP (since 2006), presently working in a private practice in Bern. She is an instructor and clinical supervisor in the postgraduate master’s program for psychotherapy at the University of Bern (since 2008) and associated instructor at the institute for EFT in Bern (since 2017). She received her Master in clinical psychology and psychotherapy  in 1998 and her phD in 2001 , both at the University of Bern. After a post-doc year at King’s College, London (2002) she completed her integrative psychotherapy training at the University of Bern in 2005. In 2009 she started her training in emotion focused therapy and became a certified EFT therapist in 2017. She is a founding member of EFT-CH and currently member of the board.



MPs Lorena Gamboa

Lorena Gamboa is a psychologist and psychotherapist. Originally from Colombia she has been living in Switzerland for the last 15 years. She completed her Master's degree in clinical psychology in 2006 at the University of Geneva. She became a licenced psychotherapist FSP in 2012. She currently works in a private practice in Morges.


Catalina Woldarsky Meneses, PhD.

Psychologue spécialiste en psychothérapie, FSP

Dr. Woldarsky Meneses completed her doctorate degree in clinical psychology at York University under the direction of Dr. Leslie Greenberg. She has extensive training in Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) for individuals and couples. Her research has focused on exploring how forgiveness unfolds in couples, and she has authored several academic articles on this topic. Dr. Woldarsky Meneses is a certified IsEFT supervisor and is involved in training and supervising therapists learning EFT in Canada and Europe. She is currently based in Switzerland where she works in private practice, while also teaching at Webster University.


Dr. phil. Marielle Sutter

Marielle Sutter studied psychology and sociology at the University of Berne. She attained her Ph.D. with Prof. Klaus Grawe. Her first psychotherapy training was an integrative CBT training at the University of Berne and since 2008 she has been trained in Emotion-Focused Therapy with Leslie Greenberg, Lars Auszra and Imke Herrmann. In 2015, together with Leslie Greenberg and Theres Hofer, she founded the Swiss Institute for Emotion-Focused Therapy ( in Berne. As the director of the Swiss Institute for EFT she organizes isEFT certified training in Switzerland and is engaged in training and supervision in the german and french part of Switzerland, in Germany and in Austria. She runs a private practice in Bern and is a board member of the Swiss Association for Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT-CH). She is an isEFT recognized supervisor and trainer in training.



Tobias Steiger, 1963
Eidgenössisch anerkannter Psychotherapeut since 2002, Trainer and Supervisor in Personcentered Therapy since 2011, Fachpsychologe Kinder- und Jugendpsychologie FSP since 2001. Professional experience: 8 years in school psychology, 13 years in child- and adolescent psychiatry, own private practice in Basel since 2002. Co-Editor of the international psychotherapy journal PERSON 2004-2013. Lectureships at the faculty of psychology of the University of Basel since 2012. Certified as an EFT-therapist Level 3 since 2010, systemic formation in Supervision 2011-2012, EFT-Couple therapy formation after Sue Johnson since 2013.
I am married, two grown-up daughters, living in Witterswil near Basel.



Honorary Members

Les Greenberg, Ph.D.


Dr. Greenberg is one of the originators and primary developers of Emotion-Focused Therapy for individuals and couples. He is a Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology at York University in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Greenberg is actively involved in the training, research, and development of Emotion-Focused Therapy at the Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic, and he travels throughout North America and internationally doing presentations and workshops in Emotion-Focused Therapy. He has co-authored a number of major texts on emotion-focused approaches to treatment, including Emotion in Psychotherapy (1986), Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (1988), Facilitating Emotional Change (1993), Emotion-Focused Therapy: Coaching Clients to Work Through Emotions (2002). His more recent works include Emotion-Focused Therapy of Depression (2006), Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy: The Dynamics of Emotion, Love and Power (2008), and Emotion-Focused Therapy: Theory and Practice (2010).

Robert Elliott, Ph.D.


Dr. Elliott is Professor of Counselling in the Counselling Unit at the University of Strathclyde, where he directs its research clinic and  teaches      emotion-focused therapy and psychotherapy research.  A professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Toledo (Ohio), he is co-  author  of Facilitating emotional change (1993), Learning process-experiential psychotherapy (2004), Research methods in clinical  psychology(2002),  and Developing and Enhancing Research Capacity in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2010), as well as more than 120  journal articles and book  chapters. He is past president of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, and previously co-edited the  journals Psychotherapy Research,  and Person-Centered Counseling and Psychotherapies.  He is a Fellow in the Divisions of Humanistic  Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Clinical  Psychology of the American Psychological Association.  He has received the Distinguished Research Career Award of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, and the Carl Rogers Award from the Division of Humanistic Psychology of the American Psychological Association.  He regularly teaches EFT in Scotland, the Netherlands, and Belgium and is currently doing research on EFT for social anxiety.research on EFT for social anxiety.

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